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Our Cosmetic Services

Specially chosen treatment options to provide excellent patient outcomes.

For further information regarding our treatments please visit the FAQ's page, or feel free to contact us and book a complimentary consultation so we can answer your questions and discuss your needs.

Botox Injection


Anti-wrinkle injections

Injections for Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Injections for Teeth grinding (bruxism)

Dermal filler for cheeks and lips

Skin boosters

Allergan / Juvederm products

PDO mono threads

*COMING SOON* Thread lift

*COMING SOON* Belkyra (fat dissolving)

Hair Treatment

Hair Restoration

LED light therapy

Platelet rich Plasma treatment (PRP)

Minoxidil Meso-Needling

Steroid injections for Alopecia Areata

Hair Transplant

Surgery Materials

Medical Procedures

Skin checks

Photodynamic Therapy for Actinic Keratosis and Acne

Radiofrequency mole/lesion removal

Wart Removal

Skin cancer excision

Shockwave therapy 

LED light therapy

*COMING SOON*  Teeth whitening

candela laser pic.jpg

Laser Treatments

Laser hair removal

Laser Genesis

Rosacea, Acne and Collagen induction treatments

Spider vein removal

Sun spot Removal / Photorejuvenation

Birthmark removal

Wart Removal

Cutera Excel V+ and Candela Gentle Lase machines

Collagen Induction Therapies

Dermapen Micro-needling

Laser genesis 1064nm

Vivace RF Radio frequency Micro needling

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments

*NEW* PDO mono threads

*COMING SOON* Thread lift

Facial Treatment

Chemical Peels

Milk Peel with LED

Mask Peel with LED (for acne)

MelaPeel (for Melasma)

Cosmo Peel 12% + 15% (TCA)

Aminolevulenic Acid (ALA) for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

We use and recommend DERMACEUTIC products  -The experts in Aesthetic Dermatology since 2002

These market leading cosmeceuticals incorporate the most stable and active blends of ingredients for optimal results in your skin, visibly improving skin conditions, building skin strength and barrier function, and maintaining your youth. As incredible as our cosmetic and medical treatments are on their own, your results will be amplified ten-fold if you incorporate a tailored skin care regimen with Dermaceutic products. The importance of correctly prescribed skin care cannot be underestimated. When providing intense clinical treatments that essentially cause a controlled trauma to your skin, we need to know that the skin is capable of healing correctly and that that it is functioning optimally. With the right products, we can maximise your results and prioritise your safety.

Certain products we prescribe will have an important role in your skin health journey – they may be anti-inflammatory agents, cooling gels for post thermal treatment, vitamin and mineral serums to enhance skin function, tyrosinase inhibitors to prevent formation of post-inflammatory pigment, collagen builders or exfoliating acids to aid cell turnover and target congestion.

Because of this, the products you use are vitally important, and using the wrong prescription for your skin can create a whole new range of skin problems and conditions.

Book your free skin consultation today with a tailored treatment and home care plan.